Permeability system using triaxial cell

ASTM D5084 | BS 1377:6 | CEN-ISO/TS 17892-11

Permeability test in triaxial cell
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    • Permeability testing system for water-saturated porous materials
      The system includes a number of standard testing items which are listed in the following table.

      Typical configuration of a system for permeability test on one triaxial cell for 70 mm* dia specimens
      Code Description Q.ty
      28-WF4070  Banded triaxial cell 70 mm dia 1
      28-WF4071/7 Pedestal 1
      28-WF4072/A Top cap with drainage leeds 1
      28-WF4074 Pair of porous discs 1
      28-WF4075 Rubber membranes (10 pieces) 1
      28-WF4076 O ring (10 pieces) 1
      28-WF4071/A Membrane stretcher 1
      28-WF4071/B O ring placing tool 1
      28-WF4071/C Three parts split mould 1
      28-WF4071/D Two parts split former 1
      28-WF4071/F Filter discs (100 pieces) 1
      28-WF4071/G Hand sampler 1
      28-WF6300 Pressure transducer 2
      28-WF6310 De-airing block 2
      28-WF4450 3 channels digital readout unit 1
      28-WF4331 Triaxial panel for three pressure lines 1
      28-WF4330/2 Digital pressure gauge 1
      28-WF4320 Bladder air/water cylinder 3
      28-WF4400 Double burette volume change apparatus 2
      28-WF4221/A De-airing tank, 23 liters capacity 1
      28-WF2001 Vacuum pump 1
      86-D2005 Air drying unit 1
      86-D0819 Silica gel with indicator, 1000 g 1
      86-D2064 Rubber tube for vacuum 2
      28-WF4225 Valve panel for de-airing tank 1
      86-D2015 Air compressor 1
      28-WF2016/2 Air filter/water trap for air compressor 1
      28-WF4191 Nylon tube ID 6 x OD 8 mm, 20 m 2
      *The test can be, obviously, performed with other cell and sample diameter, selecting the items conforming to the above criteria.
      Note: electrically operated items are wired for 230 V, 50 Hz. 220 V, 60 Hz and 110 V 50 Hz are also available. See the various links.
  • accessories
    • 30-WF6016/T14 
      Permeability Geo-Analysis template. MS Excel application for importing test data, calculatingand plotting results and producing test report in accordance with BS1377: 6                           

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