Semi-automatic Uniaxial and Triaxial test system. Basic test apparatus

ASTM D2664 | ASTM D2938 | ASTM D3148 | ASTM D5407 | EN 14580 | EN 1926 | ASTM D7012

Semi-automatic Uniaxial and Triaxial test system based on semi automatic compression machine 50-C56B02, manually-operated pump 45-D0558, Hoek cell NX type 45-D0556 and Datalog 8 channels 82-P9008
DATALOG 8, 8 channels stand alone multipurpose datalogger model 82-P9008,
Uniaxial test: detail of rock sample fit with three strain gauges 82-P0392
Hoek cell supported by holding device model 45-D0556/H

Main Features

  • Suitable for determining elastic modulus and strength characteristics of rock specimens under uniaxial and triaxial conditions
  • Composed by 2 indipendent systems: high stiffness compression machine and low friction manual pressure maintainer
  • Max working lateral pressure: 70 MPa
  • Advanced external data acquisition system with new touch screen Datalog 8
  • tecnical specifications
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      Lateral pressure system
      The 45-D0558 Low friction manual pressure maintainer is used for maintaining constant the desired lateral pressure in the Hoek triaxial cells. The unit comprises a hand pump connected to a special oil reservoir, a precision pressure gauge, a pressure maintainer and a flexible hose 3 m long with a 90° quick release coupling.
      • Max working pressure: 70 MPa
      • Weight approx.: 15 kg
  • ordering info
    • Compression machine
      Compression testing machine, 3000 kN cap., Digimax 3, three channels digital display and processing unit, conforming to EN 12390-4, accuracy Class 1. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph
      For more info see link to other products below

      Lateral pressure system
      Low friction manual pressure maintainer for lateral pressure
  • accessories
    • Please refer to the links to other products below for more technical and commercial info about:
      • Compression frames
      • Hoek cell and sample extruder
      • Strain gauges for uniaxial and triaxial tests
      • Compression device for uniaxial tests
      • Multipurpose data logger

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