Auger power head

16-T0009_L and 16-T0009_M
  • tecnical specifications
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      Models 16-T0009/L 16-T0009/M
      Piston displacement (cc) 44,9 135
      Engine (Hp) 2, two stroke 4,5 four stroke
      Fuel Fuel mixture Gasoline
      Ignition Electronic Electronic
      Augers 80 mm dia.x 800 mm
      length included
      Not included see
      Max. drilling capacity (dia.) 220 mm 400 mm
      Max drilling depth 1.4 m 2 m
      Operation One operator Two operators
      Weight approx.: kg 10,5 27

  • ordering info
    • 16-T0009/L 
      Auger power head, 2 HP, two stroke engine, complete with 80 mm dia. auger
      Auger power head, 4.5 HP, four stroke engine, reversing gear.
  • accessories
    • Augers and extension rods for 16-T0009/M

      Auger dia. 100x1000 mm

      Auger dia. 150x1000 mm

      Auger dia. 200x1000 mm

      Extension rod 1000 mm long

      Note: Augers 100 to 200 mm dia. for 16-T0009/L and 250 to 400 mm dia. for 16-T0009/M model, are also available on request.

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