CBR equipment, NF version

NF P94-093 | NF P94-078 | NF P98-231-1

CBR mould set (partial), NF version
Gauge tripod 34-T0093 with dial gauge
Swell plate code 34-T0092/F
Soaking tank 34-T0100/B with CBR moulds
Universal extrudel model 16-T0080 with 6" mould
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    • NF CBR equipment
      Model Description Specifications Weight
      kg ~
      34-T0089/NF NF CBR mould Complete with collar and
      Perforated base plate.
      Plated steel. 152 dia. x 152 mm body height
      34-T0089/NFS Split  NF CBR mould Same as T0089, split longitudinally
      on one side
      34-T0076/F Modified compaction hammer Rammer face 50 mm dia., fall height 457.2 mm, weight 4.54 kg 5.3
      86-D1800 Filter paper No. 1 x 150 mm dia. Pack of 100 0.3
      34-T0091/F Spacer disc Plated steel, 25.4 mm high 3.8
      34-T0094/F Anular surcharge weight Plated steel, 2.3 kg 2.3
      34-T0095/F Split surcharge weight Plated steel, 2.3 kg 2.3
      34-T0098 Cutting edge Plated steel 0.5
      34-T0099 Straightedge 3x30x300 mm 0.3
      34-T0092/F Swell plate Plastic with 3 mm dia. holes 0.3
      82-D1255 Dial gauge 10 mm travel x 0.01 mm 0.1
      82-D1257 (as alt to D1255) Dial gauge 30 mm travel x 0.01 mm 0.1
      34-T0093 Gauge tripod Non corrodible alloy 0.3
      34-T0100/B Soaking tank Plastic with supporting base, ID 680x490x540 mm 9.1
      16-T0080 Universal extruder For 100 to 152.4 mm dia. specimens 25

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