Dynamic penetrometer motor operated 20-30 kg drop weight

DIN 4094

Dynamic penetrometer 16-T0013/E during operation
Dynamic penetrometer 16-T0013/E with 16-T0013/E1
  • tecnical specifications
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      -1.9 kW 4 stroke engine
      -Driving rate: up to 45 blows/min
      -Fall height: 20 cm
      -Drop weight: 20 or 20 + 10 kg
      - Total net weight: 70 kg approx. (without sounding rods and accessories)
  • ordering info
    • 16-T0013/E 
      Motor operated 20-30 kg drop weight dynamic penetrometer 
  • accessories
    • 16-T0013/E1
      Tripod for hanging the lifting mechanism. including hand winch, hook and height adjustment lever.
      -Max. height 2300mm
      - Weight approx: 18 kg

      Spare extension rod 1 m long for 16-T0013/E

      Adapter M-M for extension rod model 16-T0013/E2 

      Drive conical point, 500 mm2 area, 25.2 mm dia, 90° angle. Not threaded

      Drive conical point, 1000 mm2 area, 35.6 mm dia, 90° angle. Not threaded

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