pH meters

BS 1377:3 | ASTM D1067

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      Pocket digital pH meter, battery operated.

      pH range: 0.00 to 14.00, Resolution: pH 0.01, Accuracy at 20°C: +/- 0.2 pH
      pH calibration: manual, 2 points
      Battery operated , 3000 hours use approx.
      Dimensions: 66x50x25 mm
      Weight approx.: 70 g

      Accessories to be ordered separately: electrode, batteries, 5+5 kit of pH4 and pH 7 calibration solutions, buffer solutions. See accessories.


      Portable  pH, mV, temp. digital meter, complete with stand for laboratory use. Battery operated.

      pH range: 0.00 to 14.00, accuracy +/- 0.01 + 1 digit, resolution 0.01 pH
      mV range: +/-1999, accuracy +/-1 + 1 digit, 1 mV
      temp. range: 0-100°C, accuracy +/-0.2°C + 1 digit, resolution 0.1°C
      pH calibration: pH 4.00 – 7.00
      9 V battery

      Dimensions: 96x120x46 mm

      Weight approx.: 260 g

      Supplied complete with pH4, pH7 solutions and distilled water, combined electrode, 9 V battery, Pt 100 temperature probe, stand for electrode and Pt 100 probe and carrying case.

  • ordering info

    • 24-D1847 
      Poket digital PH meter, battery operated 

      Portable pH, mV, temp. digital meter, complete with stand for laboratory use. Battery operated 
  • accessories
    • 24-D1845/3                                                
      pH 4.00 buffer solution (included in 24-D1848)
      pH 7.00 buffer solution (included in 24-D1848)
      pH 9.18 buffer solution
      Electrode storage solution. 500 ml

      Electrode cleaning solution. 500 ml

      Magnetic stirrer

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