Our After Sales Service Dept. is able to give the highest professional support for all problems related to the complete range of our products, either directly or through our Global Distribution Network by a team of highly qualified Service Engineers in Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain and the UK, but also through an extensive worldwide network of Agents and Distributors.


Repairs and Maintenance

Our machines and equipment can be checked and verified and, if necessary, repaired at our facilities in Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain and the UK, as well by our Authorized Distributors/Service Centers located in most Countries of the world.

Before sending a machine back to Controls, you need to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RMA) for your equipment, sending an email to

Instruction Manuals

Every machine and equipment is supplied complete with its Instruction Manual. In case you need a duplication of the manual, please send your request to our Service Dept. In order to allow us to correctly identify your machine, always make sure to mention the correct Serial Number of the product.


The availability of original spare parts, also for machines and equipments manufactured a long time ago, guarantees a long duration and life span of your testing equipment.


Controls has always adopted a policy of maintaining a suitable stock for all major spare parts so as to guarantee the supply as quickly as possible of those parts required for replacement or repair.

For spare parts requests, please send an email to

Technical trainings

One of the tasks of our Customer Care department is to organize training sessions. Training is normally aimed at: Improving the knowledge of using our testing equipment.<

During the year we organize dedicated Technical Training Courses for Clients who needs to learn the best use of our machines. All training includes theoretical and practical sessions.

Technical trainings
Technical trainings
Technical trainings
Technical trainings

Each participant receives a package of documents (e.g. slide presentations, manuals, technical document) that completes the information provided by the trainers.
To attend these Courses please contact your CONTROLS commercial reference, or send an e-mail to


Warranty terms and responsibility

No representation or warranty is given as to the suitability of the goods for any particular purpose and the customer shall satisfy himself in this respect and shall be totally responsible therefore.


Warranty period

In the case of any goods not manufactured by CONTROLS but supplied by them or incorporated within the Company’s goods, CONTROLS is unable to provide any warranty but will assign to or pass on to the Customer the benefit of any such warranty that CONTROLS shall itself have received from its own supplier.

For the return of defective part or parts, a written authorization (RMA) must be obtained before the returning of any material for any reason whatever. Please refer to CONTROLS web site – section Service.

CONTROLS Academy Centre Asphalt and Pavement Course

Warranty terms and responsibility

CONTROLS ACADEMY CENTRE delivers targeted training modules in laboratory pavement testing techniques. Specialized modules are designed to provide attendees with up-to-dateknowledge, practical experience and interactive learning.

With Scientific Supervision of:

Prof. Maurizio Crispino,
Head of the Pavement Research Group at Politecnico di Milano.

Prof. Emanuele Toraldo,
Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano.

CONTROLS Academy Centre Asphalt and Pavement Course

What’s the course programme?

  • Module 1 focuses on subgrade and subbase materials with an introduction to hot mix asphalt.
  • Module 2 focuses on hot mix asphalt, particularly the SuperpaveTM specifications.

The course consists of two consecutive weeks dedicated to the theoretical background, technical recommendations and with the presentation of the relevant standards.
These modules are conducted face-to-face in a classroom setup.
Practical sessions are delivered with the collaboration of external certified road and construction laboratories and at the CONTROLS headquarter in Milan.

Who’s the course for?

The training serves personnel at all levels in theRoad Laboratory Sector (both public and private) who is involved in or responsible for conducting awide range of basic and specialized road engineering tests, and the analysis of the statistical compliance of materials test results with specifications.

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