CONTROLS Group & Distribution Networks

CONTROLS is the global leader in the production of Testing Equipment for the construction industry with seven branches and more than 4.000 products in three business areas.

CONTROLS Group & Distribution Networks

With an Head Office in Milan, seven Branches and more than 100 dealers and distributors around the world we are close to our client offering local service and expertise.

Controls Group

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To become our customer’s best partner, to deliver unique expertise, to provide outstanding service and specialized skill

Our Vision

Being masters in the development of advanced testing equipment creating value for our customers’ business : accuracy of results, time and cost saving and total reliability.

Our Values

  • Innovation: our efforts are concentrated to comply with the current needs and to anticipate the futures.
  • Relationship: our target is to start relationship with the clients to identify their needs; our effort is to satisfy these needs.
  • Listening: we are careful to the market trends to update and improve our projects; we devote energy on changing.
  • Ethics: we work worldwide respecting the local rules and keeping the promises done.



CONTROLS was established in 1968 in a period of market opportunities presented by the construction of the Italian Motorway system, the boom in the use of ready-mix concrete and later by the overseas projects undertaken by italian contractors, served and assisted by us in their needs of testing according to American, English and French standards. Within a short time an extensive distribution network was established and in the mid 70’s the export market already accounted for more than 50% of our turnover with the Middle East playing a major role although we had to compete with English and American producers.

The 1980 crisis in the Persian Gulf dramatically affected our sales to that area. Our attention was focused on the European market which, whilst more difficult to approach, was assuring more stability. At the aim to better assist these demanding markets, we established companies in the U.K., France, Spain, Mexico and more recently in Poland.
This new market demanded a company working to high quality standards and in the early 1990’s we became ISO 9000 registered and an accredited SIT (now ACCREDIA) center for the force calibration of testing equipment.

From the mid 90’s we completely reorganized the company in line with an ambitious new development project to become a world leader in this field. The reorganization of our activities was based on extending our range of products with the introduction of new technologies in answer to the ever increasing demands of quality and performance.

In 2004 we completed the incorporation of Wykeham Farrance, the well-known English company founded in 1941 and one of the longest established manufacturing companies in the field of Geotechnical Testing System. Since then the renovated WF brand has contributed to a new considerable development of the Automatic Static and Dynamic Triaxial testing system.

More recently CONTROLS Group improved the knowledge in advanced testing equipment for asphalt and bitumen creating in 2012 a dedicated division with the new brand: PAVELAB® SYSTEMS, the excellence in pavement testing.

In 2014 the acquisition of IPC Global, recognized worldwide as the Australia’s global leader in design, development and distribution of advanced pavement testing technologies since 1981. IPC Global represent the researcher’s choice for advanced asphalt testing equipment and its machines are used by highways departments, national laboratories, universities, oil companies, civil engineer contractors and consulting engineers worldwide.

This initiative perfectly complements the Pavelab® Systems range and confirms the status of CONTROLS Group as the ideal partner for the world of research and science.

Our growth is still going on and today CONTROLS Group has become the world leader in the field of testing equipment for the construction industry and civil engineering, both in the traditional market (Contractors, Producers and Test Laboratories) and in advanced market (Universities, Educational and Research).
Thousands of testing systems for Soil Mechanics, Road and Concrete are successfully installed and operated all over the world.

In 2015 another event signs a relevant step in the Group history: CONTROLS moved to a new premise of over 8000 m2 to make the entire processes more efficient and enhance the quality standards, to offer new spaces for products training and to further strengthen the R&D section.

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